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Marine Conservation Society beach clean. © Marine Conservation Society

Article Published 25/01/2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a light on several challenges we face globally, including the climate emergency as well as socio-economic issues. It has also highlighted the importance of working collaboratively to address these.

Many organisations have placed a renewed focus on ensuring they act as Responsible Global Citizens and are looking at ways of working and partnering with businesses who champion sustainability and promote positive societal and economic change.

Scotland has a variety of exciting incentive opportunities which can be a rewarding addition to any event programme. The activities contribute to Scotland's local communities and leave a lasting impression, whilst promoting the organisation's mission and purpose.

Here are a few different activities to consider when planning your next event in Scotland.

Help to rewild the Scottish Highlands

Young scots pine planted at Dundreggan

Young scots pine planted at Dundreggan, The Highlands © Trees for Life.

Over the past 28 years Trees for Life has been rewilding the Scottish Highlands. The charity's vision is of a revitalised wild forest, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. In the 1950s only 1% of the Caledonian forest remained, restoring it helps reduce the impact of climate change by storing carbon, preventing flooding and also supports the sustainability of rural communities, providing a stunning region for people to enjoy.

There has never been a more important time for businesses to show real leadership and give back to nature. Trees for Life offer a range of partnership options where organisations can help support the forest's recovery.

Organisers can opt to take part in Trees for Life's corporate grove project, in which trees are planted alongside Glen Affric, considered by many as Scotland's most beautiful glen. This is an exciting and lasting legacy to any event. Other options include offsetting the carbon footprint of your event, team building weekends to help plant trees or becoming a corporate partner.

Find out more information on Trees for Life here.

Take an alternative tour around our cities

Invisible cities team photo

Invisible Cities team
© Invisible Cities

Tackling poverty and social inclusion, Invisible Cities is a social enterprise which helps to integrate people who have experienced homelessness back into the community as tour guides. Each guide creates their own tour which features iconic landmarks and people of the city.

Compelling tales are shared with themes such as crime and punishment, real women of Edinburgh and The Royal Mile. It is a unique opportunity to discover alternative perspectives of Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

As well as learning about these beautiful cities the tours raise awareness about homelessness and aims to change perceptions and break down the stigma that exists.  

Find out more information on Invisible Cities here. 

Muck in on a farm

West Lothian-based community farm Cyrenians is another organisation tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness. The farm, which is located 10 minutes outside of Edinburgh city centre, has an on-site café, venue and cookery school.

Arnotdale House, the farm's on-site venue, has two function spaces which can be hired for events. Organisers have the opportunity to add on either a cookery lesson or volunteer work on the farm to their event programme.

Cyrenians believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead valued, fulfilling lives and offers person-centred and relationship-based support to members of the local community. In addition, Cyrenians works with the FareShare depot in Leith to share unwanted food from supermarkets with the local community to avoid it being sent to landfill.

Find out more information on Cyrenians here.

Clean up Scotland's beaches

Conservation volunteers at MCS beach clean 2019_Stevenston

Conservation volunteers at Marine Conservation Society beach clean 2019, Stevenston
© Marine Conservation Society

Scotland has an incredibly rich coastline and truly stunning beaches, which we take huge pride in protecting. The Marine Conservation Society is a not-for-profit organisation, which has been running for more than 30 years, working to protect the seas around the UK through various projects and beach cleans.

In its 2020 Great British Beach Clean, the organisation reported that PPE litter including face masks and gloves were found on almost a quarter (23.5%) of Scottish beaches over the course of the week-long event.

The charity can work with organisations who want to give back to Scotland's local communities and help to arrange a beach clean. Each group chooses a 100m stretch of beach and records each piece of litter cleared away. By helping to keep Scotland's beaches clean, it protects the marine environment and local wildlife.

Find out more information on The Marine Conservation Society here.

Help to keep Scotland beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful is an organisation championing a clean, green, sustainable Scotland. The charity has three main goals - to combat climate change, tackle litter and waste and to protect and enhance the places we live, work and visit. 

Keep Scotland Beautiful is passionate about working with likeminded organisations to help educate more people to look after the environment for current and future generations.

The charity offers bespoke, inclusive and inspiring corporate away days that will help to build your team through a shared fun and rewarding experience.

Find out more information on Keep Scotland Beautiful here.