Scotland is the perfect place for your next event. With a dramatic history spanning 8000 years, we have something to offer everyone. Famous for castles and clans, invasion, intrigue and independence, as well as science, innovation and discovery, Scotland is a country rich in history, full of drama, and a country facing the future.

When you organise an event in Scotland you can expect to eat the best food in the world. Wild game, fresh fish, prime beef, delicious vegetables and succulent berries – our natural larder is full, and the possibilities are endless. Experience the latest in modern cuisine, or try our most elusive dish, the haggis!

Compact in size, you can travel across Scotland quickly and easily. Visit our bustling cities, and see our stunning and dramatic landscapes, nothing is ever far away.

For adventure, Scotland has it all! Try your hand at falconry or swordsmanship, race across lochs in power boats, or perhaps take on the challenge of the Highland games. Our beautiful landscapes are there to be explored, take your team somewhere they can really bond! Later on you can dress for the setting in traditional highland dress, with kilts and tartan to suit dinner in the castles of Scottish Kings and Queens.

Scotland is closer than you think, and we can’t wait to welcome you. Connected to all major international airports and only an hour from London, whether from just down the road, or the other side of the world, you can be with us in no time at all.

For major conferences, inspiring incentives and corporate meetings, choose Scotland for your next event.