This page collates the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice for events' businesses, including reopening guidance based on current Scottish Government guidelines. As it becomes available, it will be updated with the latest information to support you through this challenging time.

This advice is specifically for the events industry and is correct at the time of publication.

First and foremost, everyone should follow all current guidance to minimise the spread of the virus and keep the public safe.

Scotland has moved out of the levels system that had been in use to limit the spread of Covid-19. All of Scotland is now following the same guidance, there are no regional differences, and to a large extent the rules on physical distancing, travel and gatherings put in place to combat covid have been completely removed.

Updated 09 August 2021

Guidance for Event Planners

As of August 9th Scotland has removed the majority of Coronavirus restrictions.

The latest rules are:

  • Outdoors events should not exceed 5000 attendees, unless granted an exemption by a local authority
  • Indoor events should not exceed 2000 attendees, unless granted an exemption by a local authority
  • There is now no legal requirement for physical distancing and no restriction on social gathering.

For full guidance on what you can and cannot do in level 0, please see the Scottish Governments Coronavirus advice page.

Further Scottish Government advice and guidance

Please remember these plans are subject to change at any time as the Scottish Government reacts to the pandemic.

For further guidance on visiting Scotland and staying safe please see the Scottish Governments Coronavirus in Scotland advice page.