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Food and Drink scene in Ayr & Ayrshire

There's plenty of chic and stylish yet comfortable and friendly dining venues in Ayrshire for a work-related outing. Whether it's for a corporate dinner or casual drinks after a day at a conference, the region is packed with great places to eat. From contemporary, chilled out spots to casual gourmet dining experiences and fantastic Scottish favourites, you'll find a whole range of dining places in the local area.

We're bringing you a selection of some of the best spots serving delicious food in great locations.

Fine dining and Michelin star restaurants

Prove to your boss or associates you know where the good stuff is by treating them to a spot of fine dining. Here, you can expect only the best of the best.

If you need to entertain a group over delicious food and wine while still being able to discuss business opportunities together, look no further than these places.

Restaurants with private dining 

Celebrating the beginnings of a partnership and looking for a special way to start? That calls for a private dining venue. You'll find several award-winning restaurants throughout the region, from intimate and cosy spaces to elegant private dining rooms for larger groups.

Browse our collection of private dining spaces throughout Ayr and Ayrshire.

Scottish cuisine 

Looking for truly classic Scottish dishes in Ayr and the surrounding Ayrshire area? Local restaurants offer some of the best, mouth-watering Scottish cuisine you'll find in the country. Using only the freshest seasonal and local ingredients, experience how skillful chefs effortlessly blend the contemporary and the classic, the innovative and the traditional. From tasty oysters and smoked Atlantic salmon, to succulent venison and juicy Aberdeen Angus beef, here plates are packed with flavours, colours and aromas.

Below are just a few suggestions of places in which to enjoy some Scottish classic and contemporary cuisine.

Afternoon tea

The next time you're hosting a business outing, mix things up a little and opt for afternoon tea. Not only is it the perfect alternative to a typical lunch or dinner, but it also offers a relaxed atmosphere, often in sumptuous surroundings. To top it all, the food is delightful with tiers of goodies ranging from fresh finger sandwiches to cakes and scones with clotted cream and preserves, all finished off with a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly.

Look at our short list of the prime picks for some of the best afternoon tea in the region.


There's nothing wrong with mixing business with a little bit of leisure. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day at a conference, or raise a glass in celebration of a closed deal, bars are generally a great place to do that. You should go for someplace that's nice but not too formal, and trendy while still being quiet enough for a conversation and, of course, it should also have good food options that will appeal to everyone.

Here are a few suggestions of some of the best bars in the area.

Whisky and Gin Distilleries 

Visit local distilleries during your stay in the area and immerse yourself in Scottish culture. The best way to learn the nuances is to take a tour. Peek behind the curtains to discover the processes involved in the creation of the golden dram and learn what botanicals are used to infuse Scottish gins. It's an experience that's bound to stay with you for a long time.

Discover some of the best whisky and gin distillers in Ayr and the surrounding Ayrshire region.