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Why Scotland

Transformation Protocol for business event organisers

Are you organising a business event in Scotland? Then the Transformation Protocol is here to help you.

The VisitScotland Business Events Transformation Protocol is a network of contacts in key organisations across Scotland who have pledged to support VisitScotland elevate business events in Scotland to a new level.

New connections and ideas

What the transformation Protocol offers is access to a group of national partners who can be engaged and brought into your event. Scotland values the transformative effect that business events can have in a destination outwith the conference hall, and we want to work with you to create the connections and relationships to allow those transformations to take root and grow.

The events you organise and the communities you bring together, are gatherings of experts and professionals, global leaders. When you come to Scotland there is an opportunity to ensure that your leaders meet our leaders, that we can learn from one another and bring the expertise out of the auditorium and into partner organisations. This could include an introduction to one of Scotland's national innovation centres, arranging meetings between key delegates or business leaders and Scotland's inward investment agencies, or gathering global experts and Scottish policy leads to exchange ideas on anything from cardiovascular surgery to new financial technology.

Making an impact

The connections we can make, the opportunities we can offer, will be different for every event. Our goal is to enable your event, and your members to have the biggest impact possible when they meet in Scotland, and we are a country ready to embrace those opportunities.

There is no set process, there is no one way this can work - it all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with the VisitScotland team today and together we can explore what can be made possible for your events and your communities.

Full list of our partners

Please find the full list of partners here.