Fegus and Finfolk illustration collage
© Morven MacKinnon


Fergus and the Finfolk

In times when we must remain indoors to keep us all safe, the team at VisitScotland Business Events has created a new story from Scottish folklore that will keep your family entertained with tales of Fergus and the Finfolk.

This is a story of a special Finfolk, a young Finman named Fergus who dreamt of exploring, of discovery and of great adventure.

Written by Rory Archibald, narrated by Fiona MacKinnon and illustrated by Morven MacKinnon.

What will Fergus do? Will Fergus do as his father says and stay in the safety of Finfolkaheem or will he create his own adventure? Will he one day be also be one of the brave Finfolk of the future? Fergus remembers and Fergus wants more.

Has Fergus' wish been answered? Will he go on an adventure with Kaelin? What do you think? Should he go with the Kelpie and discover new lands outside of Finfolkaheem? Tune in soon to discover what happens next. Fergus wanted an adventure and now it may be time.