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Article published 11/12/2019

Collaboration has been a key value for VisitScotland Business Events for many years.

We believe strongly in the idea that it is only by working together that all of our individual and collective objectives can be met. It was collaboration that led to the success of our award-winning "Legends" campaign and our collaborative intent continues to drive forward our strategy for the coming year.

 It was in the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that Rory Archibald from our Associations & Sectors team made a trip to Wales last month as a key speaker at The Business of Events Wales conference which took place at the newly opened International Convention Centre Wales. Rory outlined Scotland's leadership in merging business events and the knowledge economy and urged the audience to consider business events as "a tool for progress, a tool for change and a tool to change the world".

For an emerging business events destination like Wales, it was an opportunity to hear not just about the lessons learned in bringing business events and economic sectors closer together, but also the importance of working together as partners with a shared interest in bringing association conferences to a destination. "Collaboration and trust are vital" Rory explained. "Not just between event planners and destinations, but between all of the partners involved".

Rory's theme was underlined by the example of Scotland's FinTech Festival - a two week festival focusing on Scotland as a leading global FinTech hub - which came about as a direct result of conversations during the "Legends" campaign.

For the Welsh audience of venues, suppliers, event organisers and hotels, it was a convincing case for the power of collaboration and an inspiring message for everyone in the room that working together leads to tangible results.

Business Events bring people together and that is the medicine our world needs right now.