Technology makes the world work, and Scotland makes technology. Scottish engineer James Watt’s famous steam engine powered the industrial revolution into life, revolutionising transport and manufacturing, the steel industry and textiles, setting in motion over two centuries of Scottish invention and innovation.

Technology enables business, saves lives and creates new connections. Scotland has an impressive legacy of technological achievement, from Watt’s steam engine, Graham Bell’s telephone, James Clerk Maxwell’s work on electromagnetism and Logie Baird’s television – Scotland invented the connected platforms and technology on which we all rely.

As the world becomes smaller, more connected and more interdependent, Scotland continues to pioneer new technology that is fundamentally changing the world again. In banking, health, engineering, data, informatics, coding, nano-fabrication, photonics, advanced electronics and more, Scotland is a world leader, attracting businesses, researchers, jobs and students from around the world.

Technology, on a small and vast scale, affects everything we do. MRI Scanners, Tidal Turbines, wireless connections, satellites, hydrogen batteries, precision lasers, artificial intelligence, data science, coding and informatics. These fields and technologies are all interconnected and interdisciplinary. With 15 Universities and 8 dedicated Innovation Centres, Scotland is ensuring the latest research is shared and exported to industry, and that Scotland remains a world leader in technological innovation.