Scotland is a marine nation, surrounded by seas and filled with Lochs. Our waters shape our coastline and our climate, provide our energy and our food, and stimulate research and exploration.

Scotland has a vision for its waters: to deliver sustainable economic growth through clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse marine environments, managed to meet the long term needs of both nature and people.

To harness, protect and exploit our waters, we need to understand them, their ecosystems, and the global currents that affect them. From aquaculture to sea mammal studies and unlocking the potential of seaweed, atmospheric sciences, deep sea robotics and the impact of new renewable projects – Scotland is a hub for marine sciences.

Scottish Universities and Innovation Centres are at the forefront of understanding the unique and delicate balance in which the earth and the oceans exist. Scotland supports and leads vital projects in the Arctic waters to our north, the North East Atlantic and the North Sea – as well as in the abundant and rich waters of Britain.

Scotland has 460,000 square kilometres of coastal waters, and more than 32,000 Lochs making it the ideal location for any marine event.  It is rare in the modern world that an idea can develop from a single entity - international collaboration and creating connections is essential. Discover your next world changing idea in Scotland, where Ideas Become Legend.

Who works in Scotland’s Waters?

In 2021, Scotland will celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waters promoting opportunities to experience and enjoy Scotland’s unrivalled Coasts and Waters, encouraging responsible engagement and participation from the people of Scotland and our visitors. This year-long programme of events, activities and ideas will shine a spotlight on the impact water has had on Scotland, from the formation of beautiful natural features to innovations such as wave energy, global leadership in marine science research and world leading offshore wind farms.