Hosted by Codebase Stirling, and in partnership with STEP Scotland and Stirling Council, INNOVATEDIGITAL explored current trends, themes and innovations in Scotland's digital economy, including:

  • The Public Data Gold rush.
  • Community: putting your audience at the heart of the crowd.
  • Small Cities and Data Innovation.
  • The Internet isn't Magic! Social good enabled by digital things.

VisitScotland were joined by;

Matthew Davis, Director of Wittin.

Wittin was founded to look at, and hopefully solve, the largest data problems. Currently Wittin is working with Stirling Council offering insight into their own data by open sourcing everything the council holds (anonymized accordingly), then forming a dialogue between the council and citizen scientists to understand and make improvements that have actual measureable impact to local government.

Kaye Symington, Director of Paved with Gold.

Paved with Gold specialises in product launches and growing online communities. Putting your audience at the heart of everything, they build compelling content around your product and strike up creative partnerships that make sure it's seen in all the right places. From end-to-end Kickstarter campaigns to bespoke digital marketing and PR services, we work with passionate founders across design and tech to turn products into businesses and businesses into community-centric brands.

Dr Greg Singh, Communications, Media and Culture Lecturer at University of Stirling.

Greg Singh is Associate Professor in Media and Communications at the University of Stirling, and is Programme Director for Digital Media. Along with Eddy Borges Rey, Greg is Co-Director of the RSE Life in Data Research Network, a two-year project which aims to investigate the connections between data literacy, open data, education policy, and creative data innovation in Scotland.

Leah Lockhart.

Leah works at the intersection of technology, academia and public service, helping organisations build capability for meaningful public engagement and involvement. She's worked at the coal face of public service delivery and alongside policy makers for over 10 years, all the while agitating for better use of the internet, data and design for public service reform. Leah strives to help people understand the value of online community while contributing to the creation of public servants fit for the internet age.